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For anyone who wants to live a life full of miracles!

How To Receive Miracles Easily & Quickly

A proven step-by-step system that thousands used to receive many miracles from GOD successfully

Pray & Hope For The Best? NO.

Pray & Hope For The Best?

Most people just pray and hope for the best.

Prayer is good and important.

However, prayer is not the only and final step.

In fact, prayer is only the FIRST STEP to receiving your miracles from GOD.

There are MORE steps for you to do after prayers.

That’s why most people’s prayers are not answered.

Because they don’t know the rest of the steps.

Those who received their miracles did more than just praying.

They did the additional steps needed - unknowingly or knowingly…

Just Have Faith? Wrong Again

How many people you known who prayed for years...

and yet... NO MIRACLES?

And then their pastor say to them... "you need MORE faith!"


We have many students who didn't even have faith in GOD, and they still receive miracles!


Because faith is not the determining factor.

Don't get me wrong...

Faith is good, it's a bonus to have faith.

But it isn't the main factor.

If faith is the main factor, no one would need to pray for 10 years plus, and still no miracles.

So clearly... there are other factors and steps one needs to take.

So what is...?

Miracles Happen When You Follow Miracles Principles
Miracle Healers Program

Miracle Healers Program will teach you how to receive miracles from GOD quickly and easily.

You will also learn how to help other people receive miracles as a miracle healer.

Usual Price: $97
Special Price Today:
Only $27
(72% Discount)

In the Miracle Healers Program, I will reveal to you the exact steps you need to do to receive your miracles from GOD.

GOD wants to see you do YOUR PART before He sends you miracles & blessings.

Prayer is just the FIRST Step.

The method revealed in the Miracle Healers Program has helped 100s and 1000s of my students...

To receive miracles and blessings from GOD in all aspects of their life.

Receiving Miracles Is Like Cooking With A Recipe

Anyone can cook a decent dish when they follow a recipe.

There is a recipe (steps by steps) for asking God for miracles as well.

The recipe steps are the Miracle Principles.

If you follow the Miracle principles that I share in the Miracle Healers Program…

You will receive your miracles from GOD.

As simple as that.

Anyone Can Learn How To Receive Miracles

Anyone can learn how to do this...

It is easier than driving a CAR!

I don't even know how to drive...

And I teach 1000s of people how to do this.

I have students who are over 60 years old, and they are able to understand the Miracle Healing Principles easily.

If you have learned anything before, you can learn how to receive miracles too.

If you know how to drive = you can learn how to receive Miracles.

If you know how to speak a language = you can learn how to receive Miracles.

If you know how to read = you can learn how to receive Miracles.

Miracles For Health
  • Heal physical pains and illnesses
  • ​Heal Chronic diseases and sicknesses
  • ​Heal Big and small health challenges
Miracles For Self
  • Heal emotional wounds 
  • ​Heal past traumas 
  • ​Be closer to GOD 
  • ​Connect better with GOD 
  • ​Fellowship with GOD
Miracles For Relationships
  • Heal relationships with loved ones 
  • ​Heal family conflicts 
  • ​Heal parent/child relationships 
  • ​Heal husband/wife relationships 
  • ​Heal friendships 
  • ​Heal office/professional relationships
Miracles Are Guaranteed!

You are not the one creating miracles.

I'm not the one giving you miracles.

It is GOD who gives miracles.

And with GOD, all things are possible.

And GOD alone can guarantee you miracles.

I am just the messenger to guide you to the right path.

The path that leads to MIRACLES & BLESSINGS.

Who Will Receive Miracles?

People who are willing to TRY

People who are positive

People who don't give up

People who are serious to change their current situation

Who Do NOT Receive Miracles?

People who are lazy

People who have victim mindset

People who blame everyone else but themselves

Miracle #1 - Bedridden To Walking Again

Many years ago, I injured my spine and I was paralysed.

Unable to walk, leading me to bedridden for many years.

After years of normal medical treatment, there was no improvement.

Even my doctor gave up on me.

I was in so much pain & suffering, I forgot to apply the Miracle principles that I teach in my Miracle Healers Program.

Finally... things improved when I applied the Miracle principles.

And after a few years of Miracle Healing...

I Recovered fully!

Now, I am able to walk, jump, run and do anything I want!

Miracle #2 - Healing From An Incurable Disease

Another health crisis that I had in my life.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

An illnesses that doctors said there was no cure for.

But I didn't give up.

Once again, I applied the Miracle Principles that I share in my Program...

And I managed to heal from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Many people will tell you there's no cure for RA...

That's because they don't know how to ask GOD for help.

The results Are So Amazing… Like Miracles!

Because they are in fact Miracles… from GOD.

The results are so amazing, you wouldn’t even believe.

The miracles are so amazing we can’t even put it on this page because Facebook & Google don’t like it.

But we will share with you all the wonderful miracles in the Program and in our members’ area.

Matthew 19:26

With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

- Jesus Christ

About Your Trainer
Nicole Ling
Nicole Ling
  • Trained & Certified Clinical Supervisor
  • Trained & Certified Counselling Psychotherapist
  • Miracle Coach with over 30 years experience
  • University Lecturer for Psychology Modules
  • Corporate trainer for Fortune 100 companies
  • Winner of Global Women’s Leadership Award 2011
Corporate Clients Nicole Ling Work With
Are You Ready To Discover The Laws of Miracles?
Miracle Healers Program

Miracle Healers Program will teach you how to receive miracles from GOD quickly and easily.

You will also learn how to help other people receive miracles as a miracle healer.

Discover the step-by-step method to receive Miracles from GOD.

You get instant access to the online course once you purchase.

You will also receive the following awesome bonuses!

Usual Price: $97
Special Price Today:
Only $27
(72% Discount)
Amazing Bonuses To Receive Miracles Faster!

Bonus #1 - Lifetime Update

Anytime we have updated/revised version of the course, you will receive the latest version for free.

(Worth $100)

Bonus #2 - Exclusive Online Community

Connect & continue your learning of Miracles with other like-minded students & Nicole in our exclusive online community.

(Worth $100)

Bonus #3 - Video Quick Start

A video version of the book's content by Nicole Ling herself. For people who enjoy & prefer watching more than reading.

(Worth $50)

Bonus #3 -  Your God Given Talents

Discover the talents given to you by GOD and how to use it improve your life and help other people.

(Worth $50)

Bonus #4 - Increase Healing Power With Meditation

A mini-course on how you can use meditation to increase your healing power as a healer.

(Worth $50)

Bonus #5 - Increase Healing Power With HARA

A mini-course on how you can stregthen your body to increase your healing power.

(Worth $50)

Bonus #6 - Healing While Sleeping

A mini-course on you can receive powerful miracle healing how you are sleeping.

(Worth $50)

Bonus #7 - Financially Blessed Healer

Special course on how you can generate income online with us with a proven step-by-step system.

Taught by a 7-figure online marketer.

(Worth $100)

100% Money Back Guarantee (30 Days)

We have a very simple money back guarantee. Buy this program, read it and implement the method.

If you don’t like it for whatever reason, just email us before the 30-day period, and we will refund you 100% of the money you paid for the program.

There is absolutely no risk for you.

What Do Our Students Think?

KL Yeung
Thank you Nicole for the inspiring Program, I have learnt so much about miracles.

Hui Kuin W.
I am most grateful for what Nicole has shared with me.

Jasmine C.
Nicole has laid out her miracle healing method in a simple and concise way that anyone can understand and apply easily. Bless you.

Anthony C.
What I learned was priceless. Thank you so much Nicole.

Ivy L.
I have learnt so much. It’s a blessing to be part of Nicole’s group.

Elaine T.
Heartfelt thanks to Nicole and her team. I appreciate what you are doing here. More people need to learn this!

Elaine C.
I feel so blessed to have learnt so much about miracle healing from Nicole. It’s easy and simple to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Miracle Healers Program?

This is an online course that teaches you step by step how to receive miracles from GOD easily and quickly.

You will also learn how to help others receive miracles.

This course is based on my 30 years of miracle healing experience.

What Religion do I need to be in?

We welcome everyone from any religion. Regardless which religion you are in, we welcome you to learn this.

For us, we believe there is one GOD, The Creator.

Who is this for?

This program is for people who want to have a better life, be closer to GOD.

Do you offer more in depth help?

Yes. This Program teaches everything you need to know on how to receive miracles and blessings from GOD.

The next level is to be a Miracle Healer, for students who want to help other people receive miracles as well.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. After purchasing the Program, you have 30 days to check out the Program.

If for whatever reason you don’t like the Program, simply email us at and ask for a refund. And we will refund 100% of your money

Students' Amazing Miracles

Dolly's had a cyst in her kidney, now it's gone

Aini was healed from her stage 4 breast cancer

Lily Healed her diabetes & high cholesterol

Interview with Suat Li who received 2 miracles

"My Grandparents' health have improved dramatically"

Both my grandparents have been feeling stressed from their medical treatment and had not been able to sleep.

After their miracle sessions, both of them slept peacefully and felt less anxious. Great gratitude for the Miracle Healing. It has helped them in many ways.

- Bhumika S.
"I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams"

I am forever grateful to Nicole. I came to Nicole when I was suffering from depression and financial loss 12 years ago.

I felt so much more hopeful and uplifted I was able to get back onto my feet to restart my failing business. I got back my financial health and manifested my dreams of serving marginalized communities. 

Today, I own an NGO in India focusing on empowering underprivileged women and children in India. I want to manifest more Miracles to serve others who are less fortunate than me.

- Tapash S.
"A Miracle For Beast Cancer!"

During my routine check-up, my doctor told me that my liver panel blood test result was quite high, which would cause issues to my liver.
I was worried, so I engaged Nicole for a Miracle Coaching Session.

To my surprise, the second liver panel blood test results improved by 50%, to a healthier level.
Amazing! The numbers just dropped within 5 days. Wow! Thank you Nicole for your Miracle Healing.

- Nooraini N.
"Miracles Come More Than Once"

I want to share two great news. A miracle has happened to my very sick rescued cat Miel n she's finally free from UTI, crystals, and stones.
Another miracle occurred when my mum has suddenly encouraged me to continue my university degree and she even offered to help me financially.

In the past, she would tell me "girls do not need education". But now, she is telling me to go back to school as soon as possible to complete my education. This is such a miracle!

- Amy G.
"Fast Track To Cancer Recovery"

Doctor that my cancer had reduced from 7cm+ to 5cm and also my brain lesion has also been reduced to less than 1cm. I felt very happy. Thank you Nicole and the Holy Spirit for this miracle. No words beyond I can find to express my gratitude.

- Rajeswari K.
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming"

I joined two months ago, I have a exprerienced many miracles in getting stronger and overcoming my health problems. I know there are many more to come. I am sure of that. Thank you God and Nicole for all these miracles.

- Punitha  G.
"Multiple Miracles Just Kept Coming" 

I just get promoted last year Nov and I doubt there is any possibility to get a promotion in anytime soon. BUT guess what?

Today, my Manager told me that there is an increment for me effective 1st May (and the increment % is same with my promotion % last Nov, which is the highest % of increment during my 13 years of employment in the same company!

- Coral T.
"Healing My Mom's Health Issues"

Miracle had arrived to me today. I needed financial support in order to treat my mother's health issues. God has given His Blessings to me and my mother. Thanks to Nicole Ling for her guidance.

- Christer V.
"Cancer But Feeling Well"

My dad is finishing his 4th chemo session and is doing very well. Despite two-thirds of his stomach being removed, he enjoys a very good appetite and asks to eat all sorts of things. That's a miracle! And he has the energy to enjoy playing computer games daily and singing songs with gusto!

- Mei Ling A.
"I Thought I Lost My Husband"

We have a nerve-racking moment 2 days ago. Hubby suddenly went into low blood pressure at his ward and was sent into ICU immediately. We thought we had lost him. This morning he woke up! He was smiling (finally!).

And grateful for the second lease of life. We felt his spirits is better this time. And after this episode, alot of his blood values are better, vitals clear and more - miraculously! We are so happy! Thank you Nicole for yr fervent prayers. You have been a pillar of strength these trying times.

- Eling Ml
"Kidneys Stones Removal"

Update about My Aunty Cheong. Her surgery of removing seeds in kidney had went on smoothly last week and she is at home now recovering very fast. Thank you so much for all prayers n blessings sent to her. Thank you 🙏

- Elaine T.

(Zoom in if the words are too small to read on the screenshots)

Eling's husband was in ICU, and Nicole's healing helped him in a speedy recovery

Yaniee is recovering well from her illness

Ayesha's mom was to drink water again, previously unable to do so due to Vocal Cord Palsy

Geetha's mom (Pamatal) recovered fully from stage 3 Rectal Cancer, did not need to go surgery anymore

Dolly's Cyst in her kidney is GONE!

Rajeswari's lung cancer tumor reduced from 7+ cm to 5cm, and her brain lesion was reduced to less than 1cm.

Aini is now free from cancer, recovering from her stage 3 breast cancer.

Are You Ready To Live A Life Full Of Miracles?
Miracle Healers Program

Discover the step-by-step method to receive Miracles from GOD.

You get instant access to the online course once you purchase.

You will also receive all the awesome bonuses!

Usual Price: $97
Special Price Today:
Only $27
(72% Discount)

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